Pantalone gara 6015-226 Bianco/Rosso/Blu


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  • Pantalone gara 6015-372 Rosso/Blu/Bianco

  • Pantalone gara 6015-370 Grigio scuro/Verde/Giallo

  • Pantalone gara 6015-369 Grigio/Blu/Bianco

  • Pantalone gara 6015-371 Grigio scuro/Arancione Fluo/Blu

  • Pantalone gara 6015-226 Bianco/Rosso/Blu

Dettagli Prodotto

Cross/enduro pants for adult made in printed polyester and Cordura fabric for long durability. Elastic strap on the sides for a better fitting.
Elastic in strategic positions for a perfect comfort. Patented removable leather pads. Made in Pakistan


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