Casco 3150-207 azzurro/nero


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  • Casco 3150-207 azzurro/nero

    Casco 3150-207 azzurro/nero

  • Casco 3150-127 bianco/rosso

    Casco 3150-127 bianco/rosso

  • Casco 3150-264 blu elettrico/giallo fluo

    Casco 3150-264 blu elettrico/giallo fluo

  • Casco 3150-348 nero/giallo fluo opaco

    Casco 3150-348 nero/giallo fluo opaco

Dettagli Prodotto

The use of extremely technologic fabrics and materials is what makes the production of Progrip inner linings special. The fabrics are accurately selected so that they can guarantee a very high humidity absorption, resist for a long time and maintain the same comfort through the time. Progrip fabrics are all made with a special antibacterial and anti-allergic treatment.


Progrip ventilation systems directs cooling, drying air into the helmet, and use areas of low air pressure to the rear of the helmet to draw warm, damp air through the exhaust outlets and into the outside environment. The perfect placement and shaping of the inlets and outlets, along with air channels created within the liner, are the basis for optimum ventilation.


Allows easier access to an injured rider. By pulling the orange tabs integrated in the pads, the cheek pads slide out. Making helmet removal easier fro trained medical personnel and rescuers and minimizing the risk of additional injury.


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