PROGRIP is a trademark of Cassano Plastics Ltd..

The PROGRIP features.

More than forty years of experience:we reached our current market position through its long experience. We started to manufacture our products in 1960 Cassano Magnago, in the old factory of Via Roma. 13. In the same year we became members of the Chamber of Commerce with the number 84585. However, the plastics owners Cassano, Mr.. Francesco Assaghi had founded the original company in 1925 which it was situated in Cassano Magnago, by Luck, 42. At that time, Plastics Cassano was specialized in the production of the handlebar handles made of buffalo horns. Immediately after World War II the first plastic knobs were produced, Bakelite and acetate. In those days the production capacity was about 1.000 pairs of dials per day. Nowadays we produce more than 200,00 pairs of dials per day. 70% of our products are exported all over the world

But Progrip is not only a manufacturer of knobs.

It is also manufacturers of motocross and enduro masks, our technology has led us to transfer the know-how acquired in the field of ski goggles and snowboarding.
The step from bike trails to the snowy slopes was relatively simple.
All our products for skiing have been highly tested by world champions directly in major competitions.

Quality of raw materials from highly reputable suppliers:

it is vital for us to use top-quality raw materials, purchased by highly reliable suppliers, with higher quality consistency. The raw materials are compliant with European standards safety standard EN / 71 (non-toxic materials). Cassano Plastics performs a strict control on the quality of the raw material, both within the company, in specialized laboratories which issue quality certificates.

Quality control at all stages of production:

The production process is carried out according to strict rules written, and distributed to all our staff. From the realization of the molds to the shipping department, everything is planned and controlled and scrupulously.

Test: products:

the quality control of parts produced takes place twice: the first control is performed during the production phase, when each operator has the necessary time and the obligation to check every single item produced. Every 100 pieces, Our operators have the obligation to control the design and dimensions with specialized tools. The second quality control takes place before the packaging of the products, when an operator performs an additional check of the size and finishing of 3 pieces for each box, in total a variable control from 100 a 200 pieces depending on model.

This our approach allows us to offer a high quality product at a reasonable price and proud to include among our customers the largest and most famous in the world of cycling, Ski and snowboard, general industry, hospital industry and agriculture.

PROGRIP is a registered trademark of PLASTIC CASSANO S.r.l. – Via Gasparoli 112
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